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Mark Pocock - Specialising in 3D and Technical Art

Unlock Leadership is an award winning serious game centered around training individuals leaderships skills in a digital setting. On this project i created several of the large environments that can be seen in trailer video and in the images to the left.


I also  created several shaders and visual effects for UI transitions.

GuideWeldVR is an award winning welding simulation aimed at reducing the cost of materials in academic and training institutes. On this project i played a key part in helping brainstorm the approach for creating a believable weld and assisting in its implimentation as well as providing a number of visual effects in order to improve believability and user experience.

Unlock: Project Management is another award winning serious game. The software is a training game designed to train a  learner in basic managerial skills, set in a disaster relief scenario for context.


My involvement in this project again revolved around UI effects, creation of the environments including setup of a dynamic 2.5d scene, and post processing effects to achieve the desired asthetic.


As well as the environments and props i worked on a large number of effects for this project.


Achieving a believable weld was extremely challenging especially with platform limitations that restricted the use of a fluid like system. I was key in the brainstorming of a solution to this problem and its implementation where i worked closely with a outsourced programmer in order to achieve the desired result.


As well as this i worked on shaders to deal with the various metal variations and to give a greater believability to the world.  This includes a slag chipping ability which was added late in the project but impressed the clients with its addition.

WowHow is a recently completed project, my contribution to this project was massive. I was tasked with developing the tools and methods to allow  make up to build up on a 3D model accounting for a large amount of variations in features.


I also produced custom shaders and scripts for the AR in order to allow it to display correctly in various lighting conditions using the LAB lighting model.


Further to this i also contributed solutions to most visual problems that occurred throughout the project and presented viable solutions that were often incorporated.


During the project i also worked on a number of other small tools that helped the project flow more smoothly or tackled new issues that arose due to change in client direction.

I have started creating a number of substance materials for various requirements and these have been actively used to quicken the texturing process in a number of environments in Totem Learnings products including WowHow where the mannequins eye variations were dealt with by creating an eye substance and the pub environment featured above where most of the materials used were custom substances.


In the video to the right are just a few of the substances I have created.


Forester is a tool for creating procedural based forests straight in Unity's editor. The tool is easy to use and very quick to implement. It differs from other foliage tools in that it focuses less on randomisation and more on design.


You can custom create your own forest presets and implement custom particle systems to very swiftly change the feel of your environment.


The current tool supports creating a forest from custom presets,satellite objects, particles, wind direction, easy expansion of areas post creation and tools for adding vertex colors to models straight in Unity.


Using Forest Scape you can fill an entire terrain with forests.


I have been working on Forester for almost 2 years now and i have so many more ideas for it, coming soon is stencils and upgrades to the brush tool and foliage shader.


You can find Forester HERE on the Unity asset store.



Even though my career has now  steered me down a technical path, my first love was 3D art, below are some examples of my 2D and 3D work, most are personal projects except for the pub environment which was a professional project. The pub was a collaboration project with Stuart Jackson where i was lead, i built the white box and around 50% of the final assets. Nearly all of the materials featured are substance materials i created using designer and have been used in many of our projects since. I later worked on seasonal variations of assets and added further visual effects  to bring the scenes to life.